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Many motorcycle owners believe they will get more money selling a used bike on their own. This is a major misconception. Most people fail to realize how much time and money they will invest attempting to sell through conventional methods. We make the selling process simple, convenient and best of all, we pay you CA$H. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself when thinking of selling a motorcycle.

#1 How much money will I spend trying to sell my motorcycle?
  • Expensive advertising fees that don’t guarantee a sale
  • Cost of a replacement battery
  • Cost of new tires
  • Cost for a tune up after storage
  • Cost of other repairs or scheduled maintenance
  • Cost of repairs if someone accidentally knocks your motorcycle over or it is crashed during a test ride
  • Labor costs associated with repairs

#2 How much time will I spend trying to sell my motorcycle?
  • Cleaning the motorcycle
  • Writing an add and listing it in trader magazines or newspapers
  • Answering phone calls (many from people that aren’t serious about buying)
  • Continually moving the motorcycle in and out of storage to display it
  • Setting up appointments to show your motorcycle
  • Waiting for people, some that never show up
  • Going to the bank to pay off the loan
  • Working on your motorcycle
  • Hauling your bike to a dealer waiting for them to complete the work

#3 Could I be doing something more enjoyable with the time I will spend trying to sell my motorcycle?
  • Spending precious time with family and friends
  • Enjoying outdoor recreation like bicycling, hiking, hunting, or fishing
  • Participating in a favorite sport such as golf, softball or basketball
  • Staying in shape
  • Reading a good book
  • Seeing a new movie

#4 Could I be completing other more lucrative or productive tasks with the time I will spend trying to sell my motorcycle?
  • Earning extra money working overtime
  • Earning extra money doing a side job
  • Completing home improvement projects that increase the equity in your home
  • Completing unfinished household chores
  • Checking items off your ‘honey do’ list

#5 Am I comfortable giving complete strangers detailed directions to my home where my motorcycle and other personal belongings are kept?
Consider the people that don’t have good intentions when calling about your motorcycle. You may be giving a thief a treasure map that leads directly to your motorcycle and other valuables. CA$H 4 MOTORCYCLES is a legitimate business located in Westerville, Ohio.

After answering the previous questions, do you really feel that you are better off selling on your own?
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